Is it worth buying my bass guitar on Amazon?

Buying an electric bass guitar (and other musical stuff) on Amazon, pros and cons:

Since in this blog I propose that visitors purchase their musical equipment on the large online store, in this article I indicate what in my opinion are the advantages of purchasing on Amazon and also some possible disadvantages, honestly speaking. Given and specified that for each item you purchase through my link on Amazon I receive, as an Amazon affiliate, an advertising commission from Amazon itself, I want my readers to be well informed about the various options, as I wish to be well informed in turn when I shop both online and in a physical store.

I therefore immediately answer the question in the title “is buying an electric bass and other musical stuff on Amazon worth it?” ” The answer is: it depends. I’m joking, but not really, and I’ll explain it to you. Prices you find on Amazon, sometimes they may not be the most convenient, sometimes it is possible to find the same item at a lower price elsewhere on the web, sometimes you can even find things with exaggeratedly high prices (and these certainly will not be proposed in this blog!) this, to be honest, must be said. I pay a lot of attention to convenience, so what I propose was personally chosen by me from the best Amazon offers.

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Having made my honest clarification, everyone knows that on Amazon you can also find many items at competitive prices or even the lowest ever (speaking of basses… :)) Many items (including electric basses and accessories) can only be found on Amazon, as some companies and brands create product lines exclusively for the Amazon marketplace.

Now comes the best part: Amazon’s strong point is reliability, not only of payments but also of costs and shipping times. If you have joined the ““Prime” program, shipping is even free! You can find an electric bass that costs 380 euros on Amazon for example, on another online store they offer it for 350€, good right? No, because the bass from the online store could cost you 350 euros + 50 shipping, while the same bass on Amazon Prime still costs 380 euros because shipping is free. Always pay attention to offers that are too advantageous.

As with almost all sites, even with Amazon you can return or replace purchases made if they are defective or missing some parts, but thanks to Amazon’s returns policy it allows you to rethink your purchase and return the purchased item, without having to specify the reason up to the end of 30 calendar days from the date of delivery (my girlfriend doesn’t like the color of the bass…for example), the same applies to gifts received via Amazon. Payments with credit or virtual cards are universally known for being secure and without additional costs to what is indicated in the cart, and, with the “1-Click orders” option you can pay quickly with one click, without having to enter all the information every time. the data.

Conclusion: is buying an electric bass on Amazon worth it? Sure, and I hope you enjoy your purchases on Amazon!

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